Goal Setting what’s the point of this?

Well, let me tell you this, if you haven’t set goals, then how are you supposed to accomplish anything or have a sense of achievement?

We all set goals and probably don’t realise. It could be something like; wanting to buy a car in 6 months, go on holiday, have a specific turnover in your business, pretty much anything that involves a result.

When you have a result that you want to achieve is what we call a goal. You will work towards it, you will set targets to get you closer to them. For those that have achieved goals fantastic, how did you feel when you achieved them? Go and celebrate! For those that have goals and are working towards them, imagine that feeling of accomplishment and success. I bet you’re smiling just thinking about it. Because I’m smiling for you.

Regardless of how long these goals may take to achieve, it’s important to have smaller goals to celebrate along the way. These are usually called milestones. This will only drive you to achieve the end of the goal, easier and that determination will come out because you know you’re on the right track in getting there. Don’t forget to celebrate each milestone, you deserve this it’s a success!

But what happens when you’ve achieved the goal. Simple, work on a new goal. Why settle for anything less?

It’s also not always plain sailing either, truth bomb right here!

You will hit obstacles along the way. These obstacles will doubt you. But don’t let it stop you.

Obstacles are good, it will teach you which direction to take and whether you need to do anything different to reach that end goal. Remember to always fail forward. Failing can be seen as a learning exercise as well converting it into a positive because without it you won’t know what to do next.

It’s all in us. I do this every day. I set myself short and long term goals.

Some may seem so unrealistic, but it won’t stop me from getting there. I see that goal turning into reality, I don’t know what will be heading my way to get there. However, I will continue to assess and hold my self accountable for getting there.

Get on the goal-setting bandwagon it’s time to make that change for you.

I’m doing this for my team every day, and it’s showing the true greatness they are all capable of.

Consistency is Key, Accountability is Needed!

Get in touch and lets work together on this.

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