Meeting in person always adds that personal touch. Depending on location, I’m happy to meet you and help you hit the ground running.


Video conferencing sessions are the way forward, anywhere any time zone. You’ll get the same experience.


Individual Sessions

My promise to you is a great experience, and a coach who goes above and beyond. 100% support, and commitment to what you want to achieve. Brainstorming to hit the ground running, which will provide you the clarity and focus sooner than you think. Increasing and maximising your personal performance, or seeing the growth of your business.

group sessions

Re-igniting the focus and energy of one person or a group on a personal or business level. Showing the benefits and planning goals to keep consistency to a high level, setting each group up for success. Brainstorming to determine the pain points, then supporting and guiding groups by motivating them to show them what they are capable of.

What I Can Give You

Finding Your Unique Balance & Success

It's vital to know if you have the right balance. It also can have a huge impact on your life if not done correctly. I will guide you to see if you have the right balance and if not, what to do about it. Lets' start setting those boundaries and get things right.

Productivity Taking Action/Goal Setting

With my experience in senior management and working with teams and individuals, I will break down how best to increase productivity, and support you working on what actually matters. Start taking action and make a difference now.


Being in a career for years, to not knowing what career path to go into. I will drill down and find your interests, showing you opportunities you may not have thought of, and re-build your confidence. Can seem overwhelming but imagine how you will feel when you land that dream career.

Confidence & Self Belief

Recharging you and showing you what you are capable of. From your overall wellness, to interacting with others, I will motivate you to start believing in yourself and start trusting in your true potential. You will overcome fear and feel unstoppable.

Accountability & Consistency

From the very beginning, staying accountable will set you up for success and get you where you want to be. I follow this rule with all my clients - and they don't disappoint. I will guide you to be focussed and create new habits to maintain.

common questions

Performance Coach’s take things to the next level,  I’ll facilitate the development and action planning, in order to bring out the best changes in your life. I will help you move forward at your pace within an equal and trusting relationship.

Here’s what I will deliver:

  • Identify road blocks to achieving your true potential
  • Set practical, achievable goals
  • Develop new skills
  • Identify and maximise strengths
  • Develop tools to overcome weaknesses and fear
  • Develop a greater understanding of your wants, needs and desires
  • More effectively inspire and drive a team towards success

Performance Coaching for executives or employees achieves a fulfilling balance between professional goals and personal development.

In your business and as your Performance Coach I will bring out the true potential of your staff at all levels.

Identifying thoughts and behaviours which are affected by emotions, relationships and social networks is what will enhance overall performance in your business or organisation.

Here’s what I can give:

  • Improves performance and motivation
  • Enhances confidence and “ownership”
  • Supports change
  • Improves relationships
  • Increases creativity and creative ideas
  • Enhances respect, trust, self-awareness
  • Enhances self-reliance and self-management
  • Greater flexibility, adaptability to change

Your past is your past, there may be times when this comes up, but I concentrate on the here and now (status quo) and beyond.

My sessions are all up to 60 minutes. Simply because I don’t believe you can get through anything in less time. And if it goes over an hour. I don’t care, we carry on. And you don’t invest anything extra. All you have to do is contact me, or book in a day and time that suits you. I want to make your experience with me as seamless. We can have video calls or face to face coaching can be arranged.

I’m all about being upfront and honest. I can’t put a number on my life so how can you. It’s all about your commitment. 2-3 sessions per month is what I offer with a 3 month commitment.

This is all down to you. I take your lead, although I will give my honest opinion. Don’t think you will be running out of sessions or using up the money. It’s not credits being used, it’s your investment in you. Keep that in mind and you will go far I promise. One session a week is the perfect start to your development, we can then spread the time as you start reigniting yourself and making the change.

As your coach I will be –

  • 100% committed you. You’re not just a number to me you’re my client and I will go above and beyond for you
  • Checking in on you via messaging to ensure you are on track and keeping you accountable
  • Keeping you consistent, motivated, and confident all the way
  • On the other end of the phone via call or messaging in emergencies should you need to have a chat
  • Providing you a complete confidential service, it’s about you and know one else
  • Providing the tough love you need to get you where you want to be
  • Believing in you as I believe in myself to get you to be the best you