Maximise Personal & Professional Performance

Helping High Achieving Digital Tech Professionals Maximise Their Growth, Performance & Results Whilst Avoiding Breaking Point. 

“Version One Is Better Than Version None.”

Chet Hirani
Peak Performance Coach

Not Your Ordinary Coach founder Chet knows that to understand a situation you first need to listen, then you need to act.

Chet is a Certified Peak Performance Coach with real-world experience in the high-stress work environments of the technology sector. Wanting to give back, he has now turned his attention to helping others understand the power of positivity, consistency, and good life planning.

His proactive, no-nonsense approach gets real results, and provides his clients with the tools they need to realise their potential.

Areas Of Expertise

Using my own experiences and working with the top coaches in the world I will provide simple, yet effective, strategies and techniques and improve your professional and personal performance.

What I Do


A strong believer, as I ensure the conversation is always centred and focussed on you. Being in the moment with you is key to having a positive result-focused conversation.


Accountability is what motivated me, so I do the same for you with regular check-in sessions to see how you are doing. You know what you’re capable of, so let’s go and get it.


Having a strong support system is key, improving your well-being, introducing coping skills and a leading healthier life. All of the above is what I stand for.